Hibiscus Hibiscus is a bushy annual plant that is used to make a popular drink in Egypt called Karkade or Zobo in Nigeria.Various parts of the plant are also used to make jams, spices, soups, and sauces because of its medicinal benefits which makes zobo health benefits  immeasurable  .Click here to learn how to make Zobo drink. Hibiscus contains a high concentration of antioxidants that are water-soluble with a high amounts of vitamin C which is highly beneficial to both children and adults. Zobo drink has about 15 to 30 percent of organic acids like tartaric acid, citric acid and maleic acid. other nutrients includes AcidicRead More →

Zobo is a Nigerian beverage made from hibiscus flower also known as Karkade in Egypt. The health benefit of this plant is immensurable. I don’t use sugar for my Zobo but you can use it if you want. You may also add artificial flavors and sweeteners  if you wish. Ingredients Zobo leaves Ginger (1) 1 big ripe pineapple Honey (as a sweetener) WaterRead More →

Banga Soup  is a popular soup in Nigeria. It’s type of soup made from palm fruit and it’s commonly eaten by the Southerners (Niger Delta, Nigeria)  Especially the Urhobo ethnic group. You can also add okra to the soup if you want. The soup is best served with Starch also known as “Usi”, (a yellow ,thick, and starchy paste made from cassava.), eba, pounded yam, or wheat. Ingredients: 1 kg Palm Fruits or (800g tinned Palm Fruit Concentrate) Cowleg/ beef Catfish (optional) Dry Fish 2 medium onions 2 tablespoons ground crayfish Salt and Chilli Pepper (to taste) 1-2 big stock cubes (Knorr)Read More →